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Culinary Earth Gora

paket wisata lombok The food is the culinary specialties of chili or traditional foods. The typical food we have encountered many remote or rural-remote areas. These foods have not been managed optimally. Therefore, we have a desire to build a house typical culinary eat chili in Kuta Pujut. In terms of geographic Kuta is one of the very setrategis dipujut as we know, very wide beaches with white sand stretches, the waves are great for surfing, coconut trees, mountains-mountains that everything was a tourist attraction. tour lombok Lombok is not only rich in beautiful beaches. The island is not only spoil the surfer, but also penikmati culinary. Yes, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara is heaven for foodies. Moreover bercitara food spicy flavor makes chili be characterized khas..apakah your food spicy food lovers? if yes it is suitable nih typical culinary chili, HHE ~ Culinary Earth Gora - paket wisata lombok Morning walk while berkuliner how good, in the town of Mataram foodies can get the atmosphere, the article every day of the week there is one area in which enforces udayana road car free day (car-free). So this area is only for pedestrians who want to relax or exercise. At precisely this region ditugu earth gora there are dozens of culinary merchants with a variety of menus to eat in the morning, from food and beverage to the various items of daily needs there are for sale here. In fact, this area is equipped playground for the children so it is suitable for saantai with family. Culinary menu bulayak sold among other satay, noodles chicken, yellow rice, chicken curry, satay, empek-empek, various breads and more deh, so lose it if you do not visit here in the morning ... For the price guaranteed very was affordable, with a capital of only 10,000 gocek you are able menddapatkan special breakfast menu complete with drinking water .. ~ Meatball Haji Kardi - mutiara lombok Frontman meatballs were tender and the sauce tasted beef special meatball has become the reason for this kardi Hajj assault culinary connoisseurs in particular, plus convenient location makes this easy meatball kardi hj is found and roadsides. Kardi examine its owner said on holidays it smapai overwhelmed by the buyer because it can reach dozens of people per minute. Price meatballs which is open every night at 18:00 to 23:00 pm The hanhya 9,000 per portion ... yuhuu wenak ~ Sate Manalagi - harga mutiara Sate manalagi quite popular in the city of Mataram is only natural given the existence since 1991, could survive until now because the sate manalagi certainly has a taste that can not be forgotten pelanggannnya. Young goat meat made from naturally produce satay and curry goat and frsh feels soft, per serving of satay or curry goat sold for 20,000. Stalls which are on the road number 51 arif rahman judge Mataram city is open daily from 09:00 to 21:00 pm .. ~ Pelcing Kale Typical Lombok - paket wisata lombok Many have underestimated the kale because we rarely find a delicious dish using these types of vegetables. That opinion may soon change if you feel plecing Kale, typical dishes Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara are usually served with chicken Taliwang. Plecing Kale consists of boiled spinach and served cold and fresh tomato sauce plus. Rajikan tomato sauce made from cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, and tomato. Plecing Watercress is usually served with extra vegetables like bean sprouts, beans, fried peanuts or ointment. lombok tour Kale plecing used for cooking is also very typical. Unlike regular kale plants grown in Java, Lombok kale kale in the form of water that is usually planted in the river that flows with a certain method to produce kale with a big trunk and crisp. Kale in this area is very well known, so it does not feel soft texture tough even though we eat to the trunk. No wonder the kale Lombok into alternative souvenirs West Nusa Tenggara. mutiara lombok

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